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The 3 Primary Colours of the Printing Process — Cyan, Magenta & Yellow are the three colour circles in the logo. Based on the subtractive-color theory, these 3 primary colours can replicate the full range of visible colour in print.


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3Ps Consulting works with Printers, Publishers and Paper suppliers to identify opportunities for improving sales, raising quality and managing costs.

The three pointers of the logo triangle focus our consulting on Planning, Performing and Profiting. We work with clients to identify opportunities for improving sales, raising quality and managing costs (Planning). We also assist in executing plans (Performing) to help clients reap the rewards (Profiting).

Our Consultants

Dicky Goh

Managing Consultant


Dicky had an extensive regional career in the printing and publishing industry for more than 30 years, working for Singapore Press Holdings and Times Publishing Group from 1970. He has been consulting in the media industry since launching 3Ps Consulting in 2009.

Dicky has always been active in professional and community associations both overseas and in Singapore. He was president at the Spore Club in Tokyo, a former Councilor at the South-West Community Development Council and a past VP at the Spore Press Club.

Education Milestones

Dicky graduated from the London College of Printing in 1974 — Now renamed College of Communication, University of the Arts, London. He also completed a Management Program at the Singapore Institute of Management (1980-81) and Summer Executive Programs at Stanford University (1985) and Columbia University (1993).

Major Achievements

Dicky launched 3Ps Consulting in 2009 after a 39-year career with Times Publishing/Singapore Press Holdings. Consulting projects included the distribution of China Daily Asia Weekly in India and a Canadian paper producer selling into Singapore.

He started a consulting relationship in 2010 with the Hindustan Times group and steered the setting up of its business operations in Singapore.

Dicky also assisted with the Singapore launch of MintAsia in 2013. This India-centric business weekly was targeted at non-resident Indians and business executives in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, interested in the India market. He was a non-executive director of Hindustan Times Overseas in Singapore & publisher of MintAsia.

Additionally, he assisted the HT group in setting up a newsprint purchase committee in Delhi, resulting in buying more effectively & improving transparency.

1990s -2009

Dicky achieved record advertising sales for SPH as general manager in Hong Kong (1991-95) and Japan (1995-99).

He implemented the first series of multi-year newsprint contracts (2000-05) in Singapore with major paper producers from Europe and Asia.

He was also an industry speaker at the 2003 Ifra Asia Conference in Malaysia on global newsprint price trends and purchasing strategies.

1980s - 1990

Dicky was involved in key project management roles in the printing of the regional editions of the Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Express, USA Today, International Herald Tribune, The Financial Times, Asahi Shimbun & the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

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